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10 Casual Shirts Outfits for Men

Guys, do you enjoy dressing up? Then let’s talk about men’s fashion. 

Who doesn’t prefer wearing casual shirts, right? From teenagers to working professionals, all men own different types of shirts. Such outfits are versatile and comfy.

If worn properly, a casual shirt can help you elevate your appearance effortlessly. 

You must agree that you don’t like wearing heavy suits or tuxedos in everyday life, right? Hence in this scenario, casual shirts are ideal clothing for those men who love to keep it simple yet classy. 

A casual shirt offers the perfect balance between being overly informal and being too formal. Also, you can wear it in different ways. 

Cool, right?

What are the types of casual shirts?

Casual shirts come in a variety of shades and designs. It has a breathable and softer fabric. For extra detail and utility, casual shirts, unlike the majority of formal shirts, might contain one or two chest pockets.

Casual shirts have become an essential fashion piece for men in many situations and events. 

There are a variety of occasions and settings where t-shirts do not feel relevant; here comes the role of casual shirts. A wonderful clothing choice for refining a man’s appearance.

You can wear your casual shirts more comfortably untucked, with the sleeves rolled up and in soft material. When worn untucked, the shirt looks terrific because of the customary shirt-tail hemline. Also, rolling up the sleeves is possible thanks to the banded cuffs and softer fabric than on formal wear.

Let’s get started with different types of casual shirts.

  1. Men Green Oversized Printed Casual Shirt

Do you want to look trendy? Then printed casual shirts are your best friends! They are made to add style and ease to your basic appearance.

Printed shirts are one of the latest trends of 2022 and a must-have piece in your wardrobe. 

Heading out for a casual meet-up with buddies or to a pool party? Nothing says fun and relaxed like a man wearing a casual printed shirt.

  1. Men Pink Relaxed Fit Solid Casual Shirt

Relaxed-fit casual shirts typically have longer, looser sleeves, a larger silhouette, and a relaxed neckline.

These casual shirts are best for spring and hot summers if you tend to sweat a lot. Relaxed-fit casual shirts are comfortable yet stylish for any event.

  1. Men Blue Slim Fit Solid Casual Shirt

In the world of men’s fashion, slim-fit casual shirts are hugely popular. 

 Won’t you agree that slim-fit casual shirts have many advantages in the professional world? 

Casual shirts with slim fits make you presentable and professional. They provide a classy look and highlight your physique as they have been tailored to fit your body. Additionally offers a more modern finish to your outfit.  

  1. Men White Slim Fit Solid Casual Shirt

If you are an athlete, my friend, a skinny-fit casual shirt is for you. 

The skinny-fit casual shirts have a narrow, close-fitting cut in the shoulders, waist, and hips and may incorporate elastic fibers to create skin-hugging material.

The main goal of skinny-fit is to enhance your physical features. These are ideal for interviews or any formal meetings.

With our selection of different types of casual shirts for men, you can look professional and feel comfy from the inside out. 

Here at GetKetch, you have access to the most recent styles and new casual shirts for men right from the designers.

How to accessorize your casual shirt looks? 

Well, how can we not discuss accessories? Investing in some fun, new, fashionable accessories can no doubt elevate your casual shirt looks. 

The world of fashion covers more than just clothing. Guys, you can improve your charisma, fashion sense, and appearance with the guidance of casual men’s accessories. Also, when you look amazing, you feel confident.

You must be wondering what casual men’s accessories include, right? Worry not! Let us explain it.

For many men, watches are a trusted buddy. Be it a classical analog or digital watches, immediately uplift your casual look. 

Next comes shoes, which are a must-have accessory in men’s wardrobe. Sneakers, Boat shoes, Loafers, and Brogues & Derbies are some of the shoes you must keep ready for any event. 

Lastly, caps also play a vital part in casual men’s accessories, you can wear a casual shirt with cap

This doesn’t stop here. 

Now let’s talk about men’s business casual apparel, which has become an essential part of today’s fast world. 

Roll it up, guys! Casual shirts with rolled-up sleeves make perfect men’s business casual apparel

Unbutton your sleeves and fold them back to yourself. The ideal rolling point for sleeves is slightly below the elbow. You’ll seem messy if one rolled sleeve is longer, so make sure they both fall at the same point.

Want to impress your bae with your dressing style? GetKetch got you covered bro!

You can pair your business casual shirts with denim, or  casual trousers. You can tuck them in when necessary, but you can leave them out when going out with friends, or on a date, etc.

The spring and summer are ideal seasons for business casual shirts. What about the Fall and Winter, though? You can still wear these pieces by layering them with jackets and sweaters

Things to know before purchasing casual shirts online

Nothing is a better choice than casual shirts when it comes to buying the best types of men’s apparel to keep in your closet. 

Men’s casual shirts are a popular choice since they are quite comfortable and are available in a variety of styles that you may wear every day without sacrificing comfort.

Therefore, if you’re considering about investing in a few quality men’s shirt choosing the casual shirts is always the wise decision. 

Following are some considerations you should consider if you buy men’s casual shirts online.

  1. Know Your Product        


When buying men’s casual shirts online, you first need to know your product well. The casual shirts you buy online must be carefully crafted from high-quality materials like cotton or linen and sewn by hand if you want them to be comfy and gentle on your skin.

You must know about casual shirt styles, their utility, and for what event you buy them. Also our high quality shirts come in a variety of sizes and patterns. 

  1. Identify the type of fit you require

Fit is another important factor in your casual shirt. As your casual shirt fit can make or break your look. 

It’s vital to keep in mind that casual shirts should fit differently than dress shirts in this situation.

You get three types of fit: slim fit, regular fit, and skinny fit

Want to flaunt your six pack abs? We get it! Then we have the perfect product for you. Skinny fit if you have an athletic body as it may bring attention to all the right places of your upper body, which is ideal.

Depending on your physical features, you can choose between a regular fit or a slim fit.

A regular-fit casual shirt is ideal for all body types. It’s flattering and comfortable.

Additionally, you can choose a slim fit if you have a sculpted figure.

There aren’t any absolute rules, though. What makes you feel most comfortable is more important.

  1. Feel the fabric    

Being relaxed is the main goal of wearing a casual shirt. So, much like the fit, the fabric of your shirt matters.

Choose an airy and lightweight fabric, like casual cotton shirts or casual linen shirts. Also, the blended fabrics and viscose fabrics are soft, fluid, and in trend. 

So how can you tell if the material is breathable? Simply press the shirt’s material against your mouth and make an effort to breathe through it.

The fabric is probably not airy if you have trouble forcing air through it.

When you next browse for a casual shirt, try this breathing technique. It will help you in selecting the ideal fabric each time.

Light and breezy fabric does not, however, suggest see-through or transparent clothing. Therefore, avoid wearing see-through clothing as this might draw attention to all the wrong areas of your body.

  1. Check the color options  

Sticking to the basics is better, as we suggest you follow a capsule wardrobe. That means a few colors and basic styles.

Purchasing shirts in black, white, navy, gray, and blue is advisable. But don’t miss out on the trending colors of the season. Of course,we are suggesting you to add a couple of shirts with prints, stripes, or checks.

However, since solid shirts are so versatile and go with practically anything, we still advise having more of them.

  1. Check the styling recommendations

Since we are talking about casual shirts, it’s time to find fashion inspiration for casual shirt styles.

We’ve added 10 incredible looks to help you nail the casual shirt style.

  • Trendy men’s blue relaxed fit casual shirt, blue denim, and stylish white sneakers.

Sounds amazing, right? Yes, you can style this look on a coffee date or casual meeting. 

  • You can never go wrong with men white regular fit check casual shirt, grey pants and stylish white sneakers!

A white shirt has the magic to elevate any outfit instantly, doesn’t it? Ace this look on any event, whether a casual business meeting or date night. 

  • You can’t go wrong with this fashionable combination: white trousers, men’s turquoise slim fit checked casual shirt and white shoes.

You will undoubtedly look like the classy person in the room if you go for this look. Ideal for your office wear. 

  •  Here is a gorgeous outfit that includes bold men’s Pink/ Blue slim fit striped casual shirt, white cargo shorts and stylish white floaters.

Are you bored of solid shirts? Worry not! Stripes are there for your rescue. This look is perfect for chilled outings with friends on Sunday brunch or even on a Goa trip. 

  • The classy pairing of maroon and black. A stylish men’s maroon slim fit solid casual shirt and black pant make up the look.

Are you searching for something to wear for running errands or casual evening wear? This outfit is for you. 

  • A fail-proof method for dressing better than everyone else on the road. men’s navy blue/khaki slim fit checked casual shirt, dark black denim, and sneakers.

Want something comfortable for your next date night? Wear this outfit to look stunning; even your bae will compliment you. Also, you can accessorize with a watch to upgrade your look.

  •  A cool men’s green/pink slim fit printed casual shirt with light blue jeans and brown white sneakers are matched together here.

Some prints can never do harm, right? You can wear this chilled outfit for any night party to stay comfortable. 

  • Men yellow slim fit printed casual shirt,  white trousers, and nice white sneakers

Such a classy look, right? A perfect business casual brunch.  

  • The combination of men’s indigo/red slim fit checked casual shirt  and white jeans look sharp.

Going to do some street shopping? Wear this fit to look stylish. 

  • Try this stunning outfit of a men white slim fit solid casual shirt with blue jeans and sneakers

Want to look and feel cool and relaxed? Ideal for a day date or to watch sports. Oh, don’t forget a watch. 

Tips to buy casual shirts online

We often buy men’s casual shirts online, right? But you may have faced problems after you purchased. We have been there in the situation.  

These few pieces of advice will be helpful if you don’t have access to these fashion advisors.

Both experts and newbies will find it easier to choose the appropriate men’s casual shirts by keeping these factors in mind. Now let’s get a more detailed explanation:

  1. Don’t compromise on quality

No matter how much money you invest in clothing, if its quality isn’t good enough, it won’t improve your physical charm. As experts, we would suggest men spend money on high-quality clothing.

It will guarantee that the clothing lasts for a very long time. You won’t need to worry about the quality if you buy shirts from GetKetch. The durability and visual vibrancy of the product will increase if the care instructions are followed.

  1. Choose the fabric carefully

Among the fabrics offered on the market are cotton, silk, linen, nylon, and polyester. Shirts made of these fabrics are sold on our online clothing marketplaces.

The use of fabrics like cotton, silk, and linen is rather common among people nowadays. In addition, you can also get a number of shirts manufactured from denim materials. Try to find cotton casual shirts as they are super absorbent.

  1. Go for the perfect fit

Men’s casual shirts are made in a variety of sizes by fashion experts. Too-tight or too-loose clothing will ruin a person’s appearance. Your local tailor will be useful if you don’t have many ideas regarding your size.

Each shirt has a measuring number on it. The portion of the product description where this information is located. It makes ordering casual men’s shirts from GetKetch online simple.

Selecting the appropriate number when buying men’s casual shirts will help you measure the chest and waist.

  1. Color selection 

Men typically incline toward the shades blue, black, gray, and white. However, if you want to stand out at the party, use a non-traditional hue.

Creating the atmosphere for a celebration is best done using emerald green, ocean blue, and dark red with or without clashing prints. Checks are the ideal option if you want something unique.

  1. Choosing the right button placement is crucial.

Every man is different physically. A garment that suits a tall, well-built individual could not look nice on a skinny man. Placing the buttons on the shirt will affect how it fits and looks overall.

GetKetch provides a number of product images. These images can help you visualize how it will seem to you. You can enlarge these photos if necessary to see where the button and collar are situated.

  1. Taking the price into account

Some people believe that expensive clothes would improve their appearance. It is time to stop believing that myth. There are several price points for these clothing products. Textile companies like GetKetch sell affordable shirts of high quality.

These are equally as good as the expensive branded goods. The GetKetch website offers many solutions that are affordable for everyone. Quality is guaranteed by the online store.

  1. Be mindful of the occasion

True fashion lovers know how to dress for the event. For formal occasions, keeping it modest will highlight your refined taste. Cool casual men’s shirts can help you show off your playful side when dressing for casual occasions.

You can enhance your persona with vibrant colors, materials, prints, and designs. At the event, you’ll no doubt attract attention. GetKetch’s online portal’s premium casual shirts will open the door for compliments from your boo.

Look superb in casual shirts

Casual shirts for men are regarded as one of the latest trends because they provide the consumer with comfort. It is a favorite clothing item for men’s wardrobes.

In your capsule wardrobe, you must keep casual shirts ready. You must be wondering what that is, right? A capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothing that is composed of interchangeable items only to maximize the number of outfits that can be created. 

Casual shirts are an evergreen piece of men’s clothing that is perfect for office and drinks; printed casual shirts are an easy change-out option for a more fresh style.  And lastly, a solid white casual shirt may be styled for a perfect date night.

What do you say about these casual shirt styling recommendations? If you like these inspirations, check out the GetKetch website for some amazing casual shirts. 

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